Listed below are my various rates for my services. They are based on the rates suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association, as well as my own experience. If you have any questions, please reach out. I would love to work with you to put together a package that works for you!

ServiceEstimated PaceRates
Project ManagementVariable$30/hour
Developmental Editing1-5 ms pages/hour$25/hour
Substantive or Line Editing3-6 ms pages/hour$30/hour
Copyediting2-6 ms pages/hour$25-$35/hour
Book Design
Print Only (Interior)$2/ms page
E-Book Only (Interior)$2/ms page
Print and E-Book (Interior)$3/ms page
Cover CreationVariable*
Fiction1-3 ms pages/hour$30/hour
Technical1-3 ms pages/hour$35/hour
Other Services
Transcribing$2/audio minute
Proofreading10 ms pages/hour$20/hour
Newsletter Writing, Layout, ProductionVariable$25/hour

*Discounts are available for combining with the interior book design or for providing your own artwork.

**I will write under my own name or as a ghostwriter, depending on your needs.