Editorial Services

Project Management

I can help you keep a project on schedule, find and manage contractors, and manage your project’s budget. For self-publishers, I can also help you manage sales and distribution.

Developmental Editing

Sometimes even the best ideas need a little help. Whether you are in the pre-planning stages or on a millionth draft, I will analyze what you have to assist you in developing plot, themes, characters, and other valuable story components. I will also analyze the market in which you would publish to ensure you are successfully reaching the expectations of that audience without rewriting the same old story.

Substantive/Line Editing

Let me comb through your project to try and find places that need improvement. This can include everything from large, overarching issues (characterization, chapter order, etc.) to small, more specific issues (sentence structure, transitions, etc.).


This process checks spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, citations, and references. Copyediting also involves creating a stylesheet in order to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the piece.